The Dungeon

Happy Wednesday 😛  I hope everyone survived their holidays okay–it’s always a weird time. I’m gonna keep this one pretty short since the end of the semester is (finally) coming in hot. Let’s talk about the dungeon!

A photo of me as the semester is ending


“The Dungeon” is how I lovingly refer to the windowless sort-of-office-space that lives across from my room. Now that I finally got around to decorating my bedroom, it’s time to tackle this weird little space that I’ve been literally dreaming about decorating since the summer. “Dungeon” is a little misleading-this room is actually on the third and top floor

The saddest “before” picture you’ve ever seen

of our apartment building. But it’s so little and dark and spooky that it reminds me of a dungeon–although a lot warmer than I imagine any actual dungeon to be. As you can tell from the photo, there is a lot of work to get done. The good news is it’s such a tiny space it won’t take too long to put together. But that’s also a challenge because I have so much stuff and I’m always collecting more (bad habit). I want make sure that the room makes sense and feels open despite its size. A fun challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

The wall graffiti is cool but not totally my style, I’m mourning for the floors that I don’t have the option of fixing, and the lights on the ceiling don’t work. But I’m so excited to finally start getting this room together.


After a trip to the MFA over the summer I was really inspired by the ancient Egyptian exhibit halls and learning about the ways the Egyptians used to send off their dead (disclaimer: I’m not sure if people in Egypt still use some of these practices but I’d love to know how it’s similar / different today). So the dungeon is going to be heavily inspired by that, and of course other places too. I’ve got a weird mix of stuff goin’ on in my brain. I have a plan for this project, like most of my projects, but those always change as I work. I’m so excited to see where this ends up and finally get these ideas out of my brain and into a physical space. Check back for updates, and let me know in the comments what your favorite small room hacks are 🛋




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